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Corrosion Group Wins Awards

Georgia Tech's corrosion group, led by NACE Fellowship award reciever Dr. Preet Singh, presented three technical papers during the conference. Three first year PhD students won awards for Georgia Tech including the annual NACE Race, and student "team jeopardy" competition.

Conference papers:
  • Taylor, Matthew, "Hydrogen Permeation of Alloy 22" abstract

  • Bhattacharya, Ananya, "Corrosion of Duplex Stainless Steels in High pH Caustic Solution" abstract

  • Asher, Stefanie, "Hydrogen Production and Permeation of X-65 Pipeline Steel in Near Neutral pH Environments" abstract

  • Dong Yang, "Role of Carbon Steel Microstructure on SAC of Boiler Tubes" abstract
  • Dr. Preet Singh: NACE Fellowship Award

  • Lindsey Goodman: NACE Race 2008: First Place, Women's Division

  • Kevin Chasse: NACE Race 2008: Third Place, Men's Division

  • Chasse, Goodman and Taylor: Nace Student Jeopardy Team Champions, 2008

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